Sunday, 27 April 2008

For once.. a non Duvet Sunday!

Okay sorry to disappoint but for once, I am not spending a Sunday wrapped up the cocoon of my duvet!

Got up early, despite being up until 1am watching Sex in the City Reruns

Have made a start on my Raw vegan Kebabs.. ooh wait and see..they are now dehydrating a little. Made a start on marinating them several hours ago, they smell and look great so am really excited to see how they turn out!!

I am LOVING the huge flat mushrooms at the organic market at the moment, they are so huge, two is enough for a recipe, in fact more than enough. The meatballs I made last weekend served me for dinner, lunch and the next dinner! The lovely chap on the organic market is used to me now and realises I invest in my health and wont be scared by whatever amount the produce costs! This week he had about 5 different variety of tomatoes, loads of lovely blood oranges as well as various dates.. they looked fab. I settled on mushrooms, loads of tomatoes and some ripe pears.

Whilst the mushrooms dehydrate I shall get working out.. some weights, resistance bands and floor work. Basic yoga poses as well as some press ups, leg raises and ballet barre work.

Want to work on some more leg definition without adding bulk to my already muscled dancers legs

Also want to get down another 2 cup sizes by the summer, take me down to a 30FF

Currently sitting at the 30G-GG mark.. much to my annoyance!

It is absolutely beautiful weather here, so I am going to out in the garden to neighbours ignore my little quirks these days! Time to feel the burn!

Going to be a typical Brit and go down the pub after!! (No not wearing a straw hat and shorts..not going that far just yet)

That's all for now folks.. its going to be one of those multi post days!

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HiHoRosie said...

Spring has FINALLY sprung around here as well but now I need to catch up on blogs. :) Miss a couple days and how quickly the blogs add up! You've busy now that you have internet again. lol