Saturday, 22 December 2007

Raw-some Holidays

So here we are holiday time upon us!!

I will try to keep up with blogging over xmas..and get some pics of my dinner.

Either going to go with a huge fruit platter and cashew cream..or try and do 3 raw courses-- soup, pasta with sauce and some sort of ice cream desert.

Feeling how I am right now I think I will stick to fruit, my body is crying out for water and orange juice right now so so much!!

Got a little shopping today, cos lettuce, cranberries,limes,oranges,tomatoes--yum yum

Going to sit down and have some more juice and maybe some cranberries shortly.

Feeling good and feeling ready for juice feasting, so I think January will be feast time.

Have been reading up on Mesquite powder today-- really it sounds amazing and perfect for the feast. So going to get that, green powders, my regular coconut oil and pollen.

Ready and excited.. just the holidays to get over with now!

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