Friday, 28 December 2007

Prep for juice feast!

Preparation for a/ adding more juice to my diet b/ juice feasting

Okay I have two immediate aims

1. to add more juice

juice for majority of meals with 1 mono meal

2. juice feast

Not too sure if I should just jump in and go for it, I am feeling more inclined to. Either way I will get to this goal eventually!

Preparation is key.....

1. Containers

Mason Jars

I have purchased some.. and also been collecting them from friends, family and work

I now have about 5 and a couple of small ones, which is a good start

1 B Containers for home-- glasses

I like the idea of treating it as a meal, as a delicious luxury rather then as being denied from food

Having a nice large wine glass or goblet or special cup I think will help!!

So there we set of large wine glasses!

2. Supplementation

Currently I have the following

Coconut oil

I wish to also purchase these


Bee Pollen

For protein and the mesquite-- sugar balancing and giving the feeling of fullness(also yummy like caramel!)

So these I will pick up along the way as and when needed

3. Produce

Fresh organic produce

2lb greens per day, 3 heads celery


Whatever fruits..

Locally we have a lot of apples and carrots, so I will be using these a lot; but also the recommended greens, oranges and other citrus.

Got some more bits to get so I will take photos and also ones of myself also to mark any changes!

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Good Luck! :)