Sunday, 30 December 2007

Juice everywhere!!

Okay so I have woken up with no voice, dry dry cough ..dizzy aching..bla bla.. ugh everyone is sick at work so really it was expected. I hate being ill!!

Anyway I got myself out of bed and got juicing for the day 4 mason jars

Celery and Apple juice-- bright green and lovely!

Carrot, clementine and ginger juice

Lemon, orange and ginger-- for this throat!

Anyway just drinking slowly, having a little detox tea and resting..bundled in three layers of clothes!

Cake is ready for work, just dehydrating some little cookies now-- banana and coconut/carob balls..

Hopefully I wont fall asleep on the sofa before they are done!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry you do not feel good. :( Tasha had a cold this week and is glad it passed. Drink lots of water and keep on juicing and you will bring in the new year feeling chipper again.

Your cake looks yummy! Let me know what your friends think. It is a major hit at all our parties. I used to shape it with my hands, and now I use a springform pan, which is a lot of work and only makes it look better. It's the taste that matters. I do love the "homemade" look as well, like rustic breads. :) The topping looks great! I aso take the cake crust and roll it into balls and then roll it in coconut for what Suzanne calls cake balls. Also, sometimes add cocoa to the mix, the possibilities are endless. It is a very versatile recipe, which you have already found out.

Much Love!
Feel Better,