Friday, 14 December 2007

Soup Days.. RV Soup Days...Part 1

Soup experimentation!!
Part 1-- Preparation!

Here are some great ones I have been looking at

Getting some inspiration!!

1. Gazpacho

Here we go @ Gone raw :

Variations galore of this, can be thin, tomato broth with chunky vegetables or a heavier version.

Thinking keep it light, add spring onions,mushrooms and some sprouts in there!

2. Miso with raw dumpling

Miso ...concern not raw..some consider it living??

Not too sure about having it in my diet

Thinking maybe use a little raw soy..ume.... and then just use shredded veg..for a real nice oriental flavour...

3. Energy Soup @ Anne Wigmore

Sold as the diet staple

Guess this works out as Green smoothie in a bowl pretty much with some added extras!!

Really does sound lush!


With all this in mind hitting the markets early to see whats available that I don't have already, get some inspiration..and pick some more unusual bits at the Asian stores.

Cant wait!!

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