Sunday, 16 December 2007

Month 2 Day 16 100%

So here we go

Today had

1 huge salad-- baby greens, kale, mushrooms, a couple slices avo


2 little chocolates I made

1 litre orange juice-- diluted with 500ml water, lemon and a BIG chunk of dosent look pretty but it tastes lush!!


May have another juice later or a banana or a little fruit. Feeling pretty satisfied right now.

Looking into the Juice feasting more

I could easily get MSM, Coconut oil, Green powder and bee pollen

just all the other list of supplements.. I will have to buy one every couple of weeks or something..

I have a good juicer, got it from work for £ retails at £100! what a blessing!!.. also have a blender and excellent manual citrus press!..which would come in handy for a feast

Anyways.. I am off for more relaxation..before the 50hr working week begins!!

Raw Love... xx

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Anonymous said...

I would love to try the juice feasting as well. It just sounds very soothing and relaxing, doesn't it?

Happy Day!