Tuesday, 18 December 2007

An end to Medication! { Month 2 Day 18 100% }

Okay so today I have been looking back on the year, reflecting on the changes in myself and my healing from Crohns.

So here are the big changes :

1. Healing from crohns

2. No painkillers

3. Clear skin

4. Freedom from paranoia about what I am eating, or obsessing over calories/weight

5. Freedom from 90% OCD symptoms

6. Freedom from depression

Here is what I ate today

5 Banana


1 avo

So.... back to the Crohns..

No way could I have eaten any of this food 12 months ago. I was taking steroids daily, anti inflammatory, immunosupressants and a cocktail of painkillers just to be able to get to work. Tramadol, codeine, coated nurofen-- whatever I could to get myself to work.

Some days taking up to 24 tablets just to cope, and even then sleeping for hours and hours, or being in a morphine daze unable to concentrate or keep my head up. Days and days in bed not knowing what to do.

This I had suffered with for 6 years, going to gyno-- having laparoscopy finding nothing, more and more trial and error, then finally gastro-- which gave me steroids and more painkillers. Telling me that was all, there was NO CURE.


Thanks to the power of RAW and positive thinking, a shift of thinking completely.

I would be lying if I said it had been easy, I hadn't had rough detox, but 10 months on, my life is tablet free.

During the 8 months where I was 80-90% raw I had tough times, my body reacted strongly to fruit and veg at first. My consultant told me I was to stop eating all that veg!!-- even told me I was sick because I didn't eat meat!

I haven't had any flares and I don't touch the medication they told me I would be on for the rest of my life. I am so glad I didn't listen, and kept searching for the right thing for me.

In the past two weeks, two close friends have asked for help with going raw, going vegetarian or adding more raw to their diets. I am so so pleased. I just want to share it with people who I love. Because this kind of bliss, really is too awesome to not have in your life!!

Anyway.. I am just feeling so lucky right now, to have all this love, life, bliss and on top of all that complete healing. Just thankful!!

Anyway.. long rambling. But I think that says it all.

You are what you eat.. live..living..vibrant...beautiful .. pure bliss!!

Raw-k on..!!

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