Saturday, 1 December 2007

Month 2 100% RAW Day 1

So here we are..

Spent today relaxing and pottering about xmas market.. saw the HUGEST Permission I have ever seen..WOW..I just stood in awe for a while!!

Did the shopping..and stocked up on some nuts and all that jazz

Made a little pie type thing, nut base-- filled with mushrooms, greens and then covered in "green cream" own concoction of greens and cashew cream..tastes gorgeous and really cheesey..but..looks like the grinch's dinner!! haha

Well heres the pics... honest.. IT TASTES GOOD!

All I ate today

Green pie with kale and pumpkin seeds

lots of water

May have a glass of orange juice as I watch a film now

Raw-k on dudes!!

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