Saturday, 15 December 2007

Lazy Saturdays -- Month 2 Day 15 100%

I love Lazy Saturdays

Milling around the markets.. taking in the atmosphere and just taking a slow walk home..I love it!!

So I tried out a new juice bar today, very good-- just got a large orange juice and lemon..which was gorgeous.. a real nice treat-- have a loyalty may go once a fortnight for a treat!

Apart from that had some gaspacho and avo tonight which was very nice and just simple eating.

Sat infront of the tv with my tiffin and warmed it slightly.. was good -- I tried to take a picture Picasa is being a pain right now!! so maybe later!!

Also made raw fudge-- dates and carob..oh smells so good..sitting on the counter atm..I have to cut it and put it away soon!!..and stop sniffing it!!

Feeling very restful, have been reading up on Juice Feasting

There is the Global Juice Feast 2008 Starting March

Here is the site :

This has got me thinking a lot, maybe time to simplify...however I dont want to wait until March, thinking perhaps January, makes sense, new year, new month, new start.

Thinking anyway, I have to source the supplements first.. but..yeah thinking..!! planning!!

Excited anyway about the Global Juice feast, will be such amazing raw energy!!


Love and Light

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Kristen's Raw said...

I love lazy Saturdays, too. And, your pic of the fruit stand is so lovely. And...of course, your fudge sounds delicious and I want I think I can sniff it all the way from Arizona...please share :) haha