Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sunday Morning.... pictures at last!!

Woohoo my computer is being nice this morning!!

So here we go

Picture of my soup

Mushroom, spring onion, a little ume, a little raw soy

-- I made another after with tomato and avo-- ate this one..was lush!!

Picture of my date fudge

Is so lovely, sticky, just dates, coco oil, coconut- a tiny amount to dry it out and raw cacao

And finally.. I got bored last made raw chocolates for work.. they came out so sweet looking!! cute! -- carob, cacao, cacao butter -- a touch of agave, some of them have dates in also for chewy goodness!

Just relaxing this morning, probably make some orange juice in a bit..

More posts later!

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Connie said...

Don't you love adding your own pictures? Thanks for sharing.

Say Cheeze!