Thursday, 27 December 2007

Post Holiday update... So thirsty..I could cry!

So the photo says it all......I am so thirsty and dehydrated after 4 days with the family!! It is insane.. I cant wait to get home and drink green juice!!

There was no pure water back at the family home and no way to make proper juice-- just processed syruppy gunk!

All I had for four days was :

Is that all your eating?
There is Apple juice.. Err my reply : No theres concentrated syrup in a bottle..
Do you want a beef sandwich? (I have been vegetarian for over 10 years)
I only cooked those veggies for 20 minutes....

Family eh! lol

Had a lovely xmas..but I have had such headaches from not enough fluid, so that was an issue- I know now I have to take water and or a blender when going to family. I really didnt think...that it was out of the ordinary to drinkWATER have fresh juice..but I was wrong!

I ate a couple banana's, some apples, cashew butter and probably half a carton of blueberries whilst back.

Anyway no appetite and so very ready for juicing..I cant wait, just to saturate my cells in nuturing wonderful juice. Am salivating just typing this!

Got some lovely gifts, lots of raw books, and gourmet cookery books.

Also some make up stuff.. new clothes and some bits for the was very very blessed.

Lesson learnt, go prepared--- dont assume SAD family have pure water..or anything suitable for drinking!! pack something!

You always think have something to eat..but not to drink, my appetite has vanished..but I am craving orange juice, cucumber juice and greens-- tonight I shall feast!!

Bring on the juicing fun.. :)

Raw-k on..will post again later..or tommorow when I have feasting supplies!

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