Sunday, 9 December 2007

Reflections.. Month 2 Day 9 100%

Having a very relaxed day, but seem to have 1000 thoughts whirring through my mind.

What I want out of 2008

If this is the right place to reach my goals-- with my life, considering the change and shifts of goal

No longer about financial gain or conventional career but.. living a vital life enjoying fresh produce and sharing that bliss with others.

How to start or where to start with that I am unsure right now, but am searchin and grasping for the right inspiration.

Eitherway I feel complete bliss-- Realisation of the GOAL rather than..lots of small unimportant ones.

Raw really is love.. I never thought I would feel this way about it. But .. I feel 100% Bliss

Any suggestions or ideas kicking about I am most open to suggestions!!


Food for today

Platter of pears -- 3 large ripe
Stuffed mushroom -- peppers
1 slice of german cake -- I put it in the freezer..its evil..and far too tasty! haha

Raw-k on

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Connie said...

I like this post. :) I have decided instead of chasing specific goals, I am going to be a bliss~ophile in 2008, a lover of bliss. I sometimes think I was born without a happiness gene and am doomed to suffer depression forever. I am determined to become a lover, and perhaps a chaser, of bliss. :)

Happy Day!
Much Love, Big Hugs!