Saturday, 29 December 2007

Juice fun...

Okay so today I finished preparing for the feast

Got muslin squares, more jars, some extra apples etc

Got enough coconut oil for another week, tried to get spirulina in stores..but was £12!!.. can get it for half the price going to order some!

Also got some bits and bobs for making its new years eve taking a lovely raw cake to work!! Connie has kindly told me how to make her gorgeous almond have made this.. tomorrow will ice and decorate..very relaxing indeed!

Getting a bit of a sore thinking lots of vitamin C rich juice tomorrow.. try and rest lots!

Just made raspberry and orange juice for tea..its shocking pink and so yummy!!

I got these flashing wine glasses earlier..couldn't resist for 50p!! lol... yes I am a bit of a big kid!! lol.(yes that raw energy bible its perching on lol)

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