Friday, 14 December 2007

Month 2 Day 14 100%

Havent posted for a couple days. Just been busy trying to sort bits for the holidays.

Going to the market early in the morning, just to walk about and buy some fruits etc.

Am going to work on some raw soups tommorow.. thats the plan for the afternoon, bit of an experiment..may or may not like the results..but its that cold want some soup to eat!! so going to have a whirl
This week has been VERY draining emotionally
but here we are at the weekend!
Today ate
1 Pear
1 Large Avo -- this was amazing..mindblowing tasting!!
1 litre water
May make some soup later..or just have some orange juice
I am considering juice feasting in the new year, just need to read more and see what I will need. But very very intrested in it.
All my love

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