Sunday, 24 February 2008

Some serious Juice feasting Inspiration!

Okay so I spent this morning inspiring myself and figuring out if this was just a short cleanse or if I was REALLY up for juice feasting and changing my life in the next 3 months.

I went on Youtube and watched lots of videos and then checked out Phil's wonderful website.

I am convinced I am ready for this, I am strong enough for this and this WILL be life changing.

Check out the lovely Phil's website its amazing

I have some supplements already, will try to order some more in the week, my lovely mate Ju has offered to mail me here MSM as she dosent get on with it!! Wonderful! I have a little bee pollen, Green powder and some scraps of coconut oil-- will have to top up on that for sure.

Supplements are AN EXTRA -- to Supercharge your feast!!

The main rules are

1 Gallon a day

1-2lb Greens per day, 2-3 Heads Celery and plenty of it!

Also..get friendly with that Enema bag!

Anyways I am pumped, this week I am going to focus on drinking lots of water, MC mixture and resting as much as I can. Slowing things down before startig to saturate my cells in lovely juicyness!!

Excited, pumped and feeling the global love!!

Here is my first little combo, this week is about playing with combos and ideas before the 1st March start date!

Pomello, limes, lemons, threw in some oranges. The greens are watercress! om om

For progress sakes, here is me. with no make up..on the internet.. Yes I have lost my mind!!

Love and Light!

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Anonymous said...

I think you are beautiful, all fresh faced and natural.:) Nice to put a face to your words.

:) Connie