Saturday, 2 February 2008

Raw kitchen toys...

Okay so I have bought a few things today, for enjoyment, playtime and to bring extra joy to my creations this week!

I think presentation can really help-- sure I am happy now eating just fruits etc..but sometimes its nice to eat like a Queen--- make it a beautiful, vibrant affair..and really enjoy your meal. Rather than feeling deprived eating a solitude banana off a plate!! It isnt about deprivation, its about fun, playtime and joy..

I am not going to photo all the things, mainly as I will showcase them in action in the next few days!!

The lovely ShanonMarie... AKA . had some lovely looking pudding in a 50s style dish this week, so I bought a very heavy knickerbocker glory glass. Fabulous, really retro and.. just drop dead gorgeous!!!

Also got some chopping boards--glass and wooden, yes I use a plate, pizza stone or bamboo boards.. so time for something new!

Huge stainless steel mixing bowl.. can double as a fruit bowl also

Square plate with matching soup bowl-- simple but lovely. All white-- thinking of doing a fruit soup in these

Also found some weird and wonderful gadgets in the corner of a bargain shop! .. wooden scewers..long ones.. fruit kebabs!! :)

Veryyy excited about all my new purchases!! Will post again later my foods etc for the day, some photographs.

Its freezing and snowy so just having a relaxed day.

Thats all for now!

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Connie said...

I want to see pictures of your new playthings!

:) Connie