Sunday, 3 February 2008

Raw Knicker Bocker Glory..

Yes that British Tradition..but raw-some!!

First for the ice cream!

Make a plain base to start – This is simple, meant to be 8-1-1 friendly. So not adding a tonne of nuts. If you want something a bit creamier—add a young coconut meat to the blend. I didn’t have one handy.

2 Frozen Banana – allow to thaw for 10 minutes

Blend this with 2 ripe Banana, a drop of water—just enough to get that “Mr Whippy” creamy look. Blend well until it looks super smooth and silky.

Pour out half your mixture, place this into the freezer.

2nd Ice Cream

With the other remaining half in the blender

I added 5 large strawberries, or there abouts

Blended again

Poured out—back into freezer

For chocolate variant—you could add carob, raw cacao or some grated cacao butter.

Mint-- add in some fresh ment

Ginger would be lovely also

Again you could have any fruit you wanted.

I froze it again for 1 hour, whisking it with a mini whisk every 15 minutes to keep it super fluffy!
To make the Sauce

There was about ½ Cup of the Strawberry base left.

Added to that a couple of teaspoons of date puree (had it in my fridge in a container—just blended dates, lovely and dark and fudgey tasting)

Blended this with Carob to taste and enough water to get it mixing.

Poured out, lovely and dark, rich and toffee tasting!

With the banana it really thickened up as you can see, its like a thick pudding texture

Then just the presentation, place as you like into a Knicker Bocker Glory glass, you could add shavings of mature coconut, goji berries, cherries on top.. whatever you fancy! Enjoy!

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Banana Island said...

That looks great! Tasha and Suzanne are drooling all over the screen. I am not showing Christopher because he will start begging and wanting me to make him some ice cream right now! :)

Good Job!