Thursday, 28 February 2008

Day 4.. time for the Juice

Okay so here I am Day 4 water, I am so so ready for some juice.

Infact I woke up and cracked open Detox your World, eager to find some lovely juice to quench me!!

I am feeling emotionally wobbly but physically strong, full of energy and awake, really awake for once!!

I have 101 thoughts buzzing in my mind but its in a totally different way to the noisy clatter of thoughts I normally have! It feels amazing.. I feel like I can change my world and maybe even a little bit of other people's.

Anyway here is all my lovely looty for juicing, tommorow I am going onto the juice. I am ready and waiting to saturate my cells with all the goodness!!

This is seriously amazing, that I dont feel hungry anymore, that I can focus on the task in hand and pull energy from deep inside me to overcome any cravings. Seeing other people eat is the hardest, but now I know I can easily manage the 8 hours at work, its fab!
Anyway happy juice feasting, bring on 1st March!

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