Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Water everywhere.... Day 3

Okay so here we are Day 3

Its getting easier but I feel an urge to chew which is hard. I have been chewing bee Pollen this afternoon!

Drinking about 2-3 litres water

Probably another 1 Litre tea/suntea -- green tea and mint mainly.

My stomach is feeling crazy but otherwise I feel stable, not shakey, headaches passed at last!!

Totally looking forward to stocking up on veggies Saturday for the feast, making a big glass of carrot/apple juice, sitting down and enjoying it!! SLOWLY!!

Looking forward to that big time

For now its giving me time to think, relax, have time to myself and get some mental clarity. Which is nice, without food or juice or anything but water.

Feeling very clear in the head, which is nice. Normally I am bubbling with emotions or confused or just so stressed I feel tight and sick. Freedom from that is very nice indeed.

I have been doing a bit of a Mason Jar drive at work, I now have nearly 15 at home!! Thanks to the lovely guys at work. A very good idea, I just dropped an email asking for everyones large Jars, pickles, olive jars etc. Huge wide mouth ones, they are perfect for juicing straight into, Just the right height!! Also, for carrying juice, fab-- fill to the top to keep air out. Fab!

Anyway I am going to get away from the PC more soon.

Love and Light

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