Saturday, 9 February 2008

Weekend posting...Part 1-- Cheeze making!

Okay I was just going to do one post..but as usual more like 3 or 4!! lol heres a start!

Have been resting a lot as my sight really isnt upto much, Got enough rest to allow a short while on the pc with sunglasses/eyepatch. I love blogging, so its worth a bit of sleep beforehand to be able to post and have a little look at other lovely blogs!

On my travels to pick up water and more sesame seeds on sale I noticed my little wholefoods place offering Raw museli mix in a brown paper bag..oh my!!.. I bought some to try..its buckwheat, oat groats, dates and cacao nibs.. will try it-- I think I can probably make my own a lot cheaper/fresher. I normally dont go for cereal type things, even raw/gluten free, but I shall give it a go!! May be a nice snack post workout or something!

This last week I have found a new member of staff a bit perplexed by my foods-- Seeing a large container of pinapple and blueberries on my desk commented "Isnt that pricey?" "Wouldnt it be cheaper to eat chips?"-- I replied, eating chips left me in bed unable to work-- eating fresh foods keeps me working, happy, blissful and chilled-- Which would you choose? Optimal health or meals for 99p.. I know which I go for every single time!!
I have all sorts of fresh fruit in at the moment, pinapple, loads of berries, banana's--err 4 bunches! as well as a sack full of greens. Hanging onto two ripe mango's at the moment, I hope they dont go bad, going to dice and slice them in the morning--may pop them into the deep freeze.

I have cravings for greens about once a month or so, so I am going to enjoy them as a snack. Romaine with hemp seeds I find the best meal ever!! Got some lovely chinese greens, so will be eating those lots this week.

Sesame seeds have been on offer in my local health store, so I have bought plenty. With the intention of making milk as well as yoghurt in the week-- quick and easy dinner with loads of berries. Take advantage of those offers or bulk buys!!

Today I tried out making the cheese from sesame seeds

Basically soaked 1 cup for 8 hours

Blended with as little water as possible--dash of sea salt- not even a teaspoon

This is a thick mixture, poured onto muslin

Tied this up (with a new hairband) -- hung this overnight, squeesed it to help it along then left it to drip out slowly.

In the morning untied, and voila! Going to give it a few more hours, roll it in chopped herbs and pop it to chill. You can buy vegetarian cheese making rennets or things to help it ferment-- I think this way has come out just great!!

Here it is, after soaking, being poured, hung and finally this morning!

Thought this would be nice as a treat with some greens, really easy.

More a bit later....


Banana Island said...

Good job on your cheese making! :) I have used cashews and made a cheese that looked and tasted just like cottage cheese. They are so versatile, my daughter Tasha loves them. Let us know what you decide to put into it and serve it on.


jason said...

Why not make your cheeze and mylk at the same time? Use more water when you blend and then squeeze the bag into a container instead of the sink.