Monday, 4 February 2008

I feel like... Green Smoothie tonight!

Nevermind the old adverts for "I feel like Chicken Tonight"..I feel like awesome green smoothie tonight!!

I will let the pictures do the talking..


Pinapple(just under 200g), greens, aloe vera,1 lime ..fresh mint from my new mint plant!!

Been feeling tired and queasy today so eating simply and to get maximum nutrients!! Had some strawberries earlier, water, suntea. Very uneasy stomach so taking it easy, simple and lovely. Has been a winter vomiting bug going about here, I dont want to get it, so keeping my food simple right now at the first sign of a uneasy stomach.

Feeling so much better after a big glass of green goodness!

Picked up some lovely ripe Pineapples on the way home, I am loving them so much right now. Mmmmm...yum!

Raw-k on

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Banana Island said...

That looks good; Tasha and Suzanne always add pineapple to their green smoothies. We made your Knickerbocker Glories and posted pictures. We even bought fancy glasses! lol! Thanks for the inspiration!

Big Hugs!