Friday, 22 February 2008

Long time no speak!

Good to be back, had a bit of a break from blogging, finally found out what has been giving me all the pain and problems for weeks now. Have a kidney infection. I am taking conventional drugs for it, as if it doesn't clear up properly I could end up in hospital!! not a risk I am willing to take.

Just keeping my diet clean in the meantime, resting plenty and drinking 3 litres water a day to wash everything through!

Had a long conversation with my dear friend Ju, got me thinking about all of our demons. Whether those be past or present. Food ones are definitely tough to battle with. With so many ideas, ways of eating and "systems" out there it is very easy to get confused and fall off the wagon!!

What with the high fruit, high greens, no fruit, all veggie-- 8/1/1, juice diets, complicated CR type ideas floating around, its really mind boggling!!

I have waded through a lot of those ideas and now found a balance which I think works for me.

High fruit for me is most comfortable.

I find every month I crave or fancy some greens and I just go with it and eat them or have some veggies for a few days until it passes. I don't stress over it breaking my own personal "rules"-- listening to my body has become normal now. When it doesn't want something, it tells me pretty fast!! Sometimes I feel sick straight away, or something wont taste right. An indication its not good to eat right now, or not what my body NEEDS.

For me eating simply keeps me feeling the best, when I start eating gourmet a lot I feel sluggish and drained mentally.

I enjoy playing with gourmet stuff at weekends, for occasions and as a special treat. But day to day I keep things simple. I know eating raw breads, crackers, pizza's during the week would leave me feeling ill!!

The two books for me which are easy to use for daily reference right now are

Leslie Kenton The RAW Energy Bible

Shazzie Detox your world.

I don't leave the house without these two!!

I highly recommend these!! I am eating more simply. Having some blended foods, juices, smoothies and whole fruit.

Working on a superfood smoothie for a supercharged morning drink!! Will report back with this. May get some time to work on it more over the weekend. It certainly is a good way to replace the tea/coffee conventional morning drinks!!

Basically there is a world of ideas on how you should eat or should NOT eat. You have to seek out the balance that works for you. Don't be a slave to a guru or feel condemned for having something which a certain system doesn't ALLOW, Be your own guru, make your own way of eating that's right for your body!!

First stay RAW

Then play with your meals, drinks and what makes you feel good!!

Be prepared, eat for your needs and lifestyle

Thats all for now, when I am up and about I may post again.

Love and Light

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Anonymous said...

Kidney infections are no fun, take care of yourself.

Feel Better!