Friday, 15 February 2008

Birthdays....New Year, new lives, new starts...

So I havent posted in a couple days, had a bit of a rough few days but I am back.

Bit of thoughtful post, is my sisters special birthday this weekend, has got me thinking. As well as it being Chinese new year last week. This time of year is about a lot of new starts-- setting up new things, making resolutions, changing ourselves, detoxing or failing detoxing... Where does it all end?

My sister got me thinking, we have all these goals, aspirations, urges. Things we set our mind on. By the time we are X years old, we want to have this this and this.
We want kids, we want a mortgage,we want to be married, we want the "right" car-- All this wanting, and still we are totally empty, fed up and dissapointed?
Society gives us this checklist of things to aspire to, house by 30, kids and married by 35-- why do we put pressure on ourselves to conform to the norm?

If you had asked me 5 years ago, what I would of wanted I probably would of said Wealth, career and a fast paced life in London.
5 years on my ideals have completly shifted -- I am lucky they have, I honest think I wouldnt be here to tell the tale otherwise. All of the changes and challenges have saved my life, otherwise I would still be ill, stuck in a rut and thinking all that made ME a Success as a person was having a money, fast cars and a pile of bricks to call my own!

Now what is to me a success is being ALIVE, vibrant, happy and Number 1 . Having my health!!

Without that, nothing else you can achieve.

So.. I guess what parents, or family members see as our "failures" are actually the paths to which we find true BLISS in our lives. This cant be paid for, studied or given-- its a true gift, and it requires a lot of falling down, dusting ourselves off and starting all over again--sometimes literally, stripping back our lives and building it all over again!!

What we do have, is more important than what we do not have. Sometimes shifting that, is all it takes. Waking up and saying.. Thank you..for this..warmth, saftey, family--whatever it is. Enjoy it all and embrace what wonderful things you do have in your life and do have access to!!

So..if your feeling down in the dumps, shout out loud what you are thankful for. Yes it sounds a bit crazy. But do it when you wake up, as you leave the house. It works!! I do it everyday--time I leave the door I have a big smile on my face!!

Anyway guess thats all, bit of mind wandering.

Live, play, run and enjoy life!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, thoughtful, very true post. Thanks!

Big Hugs!