Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bewitched :Sick days... donuts and fudge cake..

Being home sick always results in a racing mind for some reason! ..... when I was a kid I would watch Bewitched on televison and have my mum bring me sandwiches(cheese and pickle!).. that was the best thing ever!! lol.. Now I spent it..listening to masterchef..and eating raw donuts and fresh fruit lol bit of a change!

I love food programmes-- they provide such inspiration for raw-some recipies. I dont find them tempting or mouth watering anymore..just inspiration for new goodies to try to make! I can happily watch them for hours with my notebook noting down ideas here and there :)

My #1 at the moment is Jamies Martin -- {not only is he gorgeous..but..)He is the master of puddings and makes some amazing stuff. His stem ginger cheesecake is on my mind at the moment, I think Gone Raw..Ginger Cheezecake would be incredible..perhaps a future project for the weekend!!

So I woke up this morning and couldnt see very well at all.. alas I spent 8 hours in bed trying to sleep whatever this is off! Back to the doctor tommorow.

Finally got up really hungry and with slightly improved eyes ..... figured easiest thing to eat would be donuts and sauce.. using a knife to cut fruit with poor vision..not a good idea!

Anyway here they are..mm it certainly hit the spot..

Had a few strawberries and rested. Here I am sipping green smoothie and wearing my sunglasses, really I should of taken of picture of that..(funny..but not so appealing!!)

I am pleased to see the guys over at Banana Island have tried the Knickerbocker Glory fun!! I will be working on some more 8-1-1 creations.. any requests??

Anyway I figured since I had time to rest and leave things soaking etc..I would do that.

Guess what I will call this is Fudge Strawberry Cream Cake

300g Dates, soaked and pureed

Mixed this with 1.5 cup Coconut (mature grated or raw flakes)

I then poured this into the springform tin

Into the D (my fault I added too much water, just puree it-- then you can refridgerate of freeze your fudge base)

Meanwhile made the Strawberry Kream..

1 cup Sesame seeds, soaked

Blended with 7 large strawberries

Makes a thick cream like texture(no water, it works the magic!), smells lovely..and a soft pink colour!

Covered this and left it somewhere warm to get even more thick and creamy!!

Two hours later, poured on the Strawberry topping and chill for a short while-- you could just pipe it on. My piping bag has gone missing otherwise I would have!


(will post back with finished pictures later..)

Here goes.. topped with date puree mixed with raw chocolate.. mmm..yum..on top of that strawberry kream which is mousey..yum!! back into the fridge overnight to firm up even more!!

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