Sunday, 17 February 2008

8-1-1 Delights: Cucumber Pasta with Pointed Pepper Sauce

Okay so here is what I put together for lunch today, very simple, easy and fruity!! 8-1-1 friendly!!

Cucumber Pasta with Pointed pepper sauce

Firstly I prepared the Pasta

1 English Cucumber

Using veggie peeler made into long pasta strips

Popped this into a bowl, added 2 spoons of ume-- you can use raw soy sauce or whatever you fancy.

Also put in 2 sprigs of mint--fresh from my plant!

1 spoon of home-made garlic sea salt

Left on the counter top, the salt will draw the water out of the cucumber and give them a nice pasta like texture!

Now for the salad/sauce

Shredded up 1 romaine lettuce

for the sauce/dressing

2 Sweet pointed peppers

1 Lime-- juice of

Splash of AVC

Water just to get it moving

Bright red, sweet tangy dressing!

Poured this over the lettuce-- left this to sit.

Finally put together the two elements.. voila! Good balance, the sauce is lovely and sweet, so yummy!! hit the spot :)

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