Sunday, 10 February 2008

Energy Drink in a can..OR.. RAW energy Green smoothie? (Part 2)

Which would you choose for a post-workout drink...

Green smoothie..or that well known energy drink??

You know my answer!!
(sidenote: that isnt my energy drink..its now exiting my house!!)

Here are the items I added to my green smoothie

Juice of 3 Limes

2 Mango's

2 bits of fresh Mint

1 Flat local lettuce

1 Tablespoon Green powder

1 cup fresh Orange juice

Few sloshes of pure water-- a little as needed

Thats what you call a SMOOTHIE!!

Mmm this is so good, citrusy and lush!! I want to drink it all now, it is infact for after my core workout this afternoon. I was going to save some for work..but I doubt it will still be around by then!!

Here is my brekfast I had after my morning run

4 Blackberries blended with water

3-4 Spoons of Raw museli mix-- buckwheat, oat groats, cacao nibs, dates and cashew! (that is dark agave and date puree drizzled on top!!)

It was filling and certainly kept me full for a long long time!

I have some lovely banana fruit leathers in the making right now, Heathy AKA Raw Goddess got me inspired.. more about those laters!!

Raw-k on!

1 comment:

Banana Island said...

I want to make banana leather and jello for Christopher. Please tell me how the bananas do. I am going to copy your recipe from RFT.

Could you drink that smothie? It sounded like it might be thick enough to eat with a spoon! lol!

We had your fruit kababobs for breakfast. Your blackberry cereal looks yum too.

I hope your eye is better so you can see all your lovely food as well as the rest of us can! :)

Big Hugs!