Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Eat raw. Live life to the MAX

It seems two big points keep rearing their head whenever mentioning RAW to new people, so I thought I would take a closer look at them. I have managed to convince two friends that vegan is best recently.. but still these little issues remain on the backburner!!

I do a lot of fun posts, creative ideas etc-- but this is a bit new..anyway here goes!

1. I cant afford to go RAW

2. It isnt the right time/location/situation/enviroment to go raw.

I am going to try to unpack both of the arguments for the sake of those struggling with things-- because you CAN do it and it will change your life. No Doubt.

If your doubting, take Alissa Cohens 30day challenge, and prove yourself wrong!!

Point A : I cant afford RAW

Okay so prior to raw...

I spent very little on food, mostly was a junk food vegetarian and lived on soda/low calorie hot chocolate/cottage cheese a lot of periods for long periods of time. A lot of food issues. However living like that caused me constant flares of my Crohns. So I was spending out £30 every couple of weeks on Steroids, painkillers and anti-spasmodic medication.

This was no way to live, and was COSTING me in cash and quality of life.

Raw dosent have to be gourmet or fancy. Tailor it to suit your needs right now.

Basic tips for doing this cheaply, without having to take on a second job!

1. Organise

Organise your life; if this be your time, your cash or making lists

If you like to eat some dehydrated foods then make 1 day a week free to prepare crackers/pizza bases for the week ahead.

If you like to eat raw cereal or granola-- make plenty and keep this in mason jars, then its quick and easy to grab in the week.

If you eat high fruit, make time to make a list of seasonal produce and make sure you are stocked up every 2-3 days. For me I make a list, I shop every couple days if making green smoothies--pick up greens on the way home. I make sure I have fresh fruit at home and at work always.

Whatever your way of eating, make sure your organised and ready to go for the week. Not doing this is what leads to slip ups..and hunger pangs.

Check out Alissa Cohen forums, there are some fab bits on organising your fridge, down to containers, shopping spreadsheets etc-- if it makes RAW easier and do-able for YOU then its more than worthwhile!!

2. Shop Smart

Plan ahead with a list-- if you wake with green smoothies make sure you have enough fruit, greens, pure water etc.

Look for the sale items-- In the UK all the leading supermarkets have offers each week--- organic and conventional produce. Buy what you like and get plenty. If for example cherries are on offer, buy plenty- dry them or freeze for adding to smoothies later!

Get Banana's in bulk and freeze plenty for smoothies/ice cream

Markets -- I love hitting the markets,I am very lucky to have a fab one here!! Buy whats cheap per pound. Whats in season and vibrant-- bright and fresh looking. Not the wilting greens! Go for the best looking produce, use all your senses when shopping.

Ask about buying in bulk also, get together with friends or if your large family just go for it!! Often you can get things a lot cheaper in bulk-- eg citrus, banana's, permissions. Ask at your local markets, they are usually very helpful!!-- Also look online, ring local farms if your able to go and collect pallets of produce you may get a discount!

If you use or want to include raw nuts in your diet, shop about online, compare prices and then order in bulk-- its the cheapest if you want to use them.

3. Sprout and grow your own!!

See about sprouting in your kitchen -- in jars, trays-- whatever sprouts you love!

If you have access to a garden or neighbours garden get growing some veggies, herbs-- Mint is easy to grow on a kitchen ledge even if you live in an apartment!

4. Budget

Budget what is fair for YOU

Do not go hungry, this is your health and wellbeing-- its not a time for cutting corners or buying less than optimal produce to save a few pounds!!

Buy the best your money can buy you. YOU are worthwhile. Put things into perspective.

Sure you could go and buy some ramen noodles for knockdown price and pay for it in the longterm with health bills and medication costs!

Point B: It isnt the right time/location/enviroment to go raw

Okay the right timing, I went raw soon after a major uphaul in my life-- the change it had on my mood, health and everything else was amazing. Before I was taking painkillers, steroids, steroid foams and various supplements just to get me to the office!

Whatever is going on in your life, eating the right thing is going to help you to be stronger, more positive and bounce back far quicker than a SAD diet

If your hitting rock bottom, depressed, overweight, sick -- whatever it may be, RAW can help. What have you got to loose by trying it for a month?

Sure it would be lovely to go raw whilst living on a tropical island.. with no stress, no cars, no pollution.. lush growing tropical fruits!! -- but This isnt a reality for MOST of us!!

Whatever difficult situation your in having mental clarity, a new lease of life, energy and positive vibes is going to become life changing!!

Take the dive, clear your kitchen out and jump in 100%-- Only risk is having your life and wellbeing changed for the better!!

Raw-k on!

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Angie said...

Thanks for the motivation! These are the toughest two roadblocks to me becoming 100% raw - cost and convenience in my life. But you're right - there's nothing SAD that can be better, for the most part!