Sunday, 3 February 2008

Late night pondering...Fruit Kebabs and......Donut Revolution..!!

After all that uncooking.. I didnt fancy my lovely ice cream.... into the freezer it goes... soo I had fruit kebabs..yummy..fresh and juicy!

They certainly made me smile!!

Shannon marie as always has got me salivating.. creative raw-queen has got me in the mood for donut madness!!

If you havent been to Rawdorable..get your butt over there!! I took what I had in the fridge and gave it a go!! ..Note to self..starting making something at 10pm..BAD IDEA!! lol.. but fun!

Put into mine

100g soaked sesame seed
100g soaked dates, by eye about 10-15 dates



1 cup Coconut

Rolled in carob/sesame flour/coconut

Into the D

here they are before going in..

And here they are this morning... mmm.. smell lovely!!

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