Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fruity days!

Right now I am enjoying my fruit so much, eating it, blending it, chopping it--loving it!

Mainly pineapple, blueberries,cranberries, strawberries-- some local apples also thrown in.

These just seem the ideal food, quick easy and come ready to bite into!!! -- no messy prep. I take loads of fruit to work and feast at my desk, its fab!!

Right now with such problems with my vision it seems even more adpt, cleansing, easy to digest and simple.

Food for today

1 punnet Bluberries

400-500g Pineapple

1 large salad-- peppers, corn, lettuce, tomato etc etc

Probably have later a mango and some lettuce w/hemp seeds.

Bit of a new combo but it seems lettuce and hemp seeds is the most perfect meal ever!! For a post workout treat throw in 1/4 avo.. awesome!!

A friend has asked me to work on some kiddies jellies(jello) over the weekend..going to give it a go, my blueberry jelly a while back came out fab-- thinking trying this filled with diced fruits.. think it will go down a treat!!

Anyway thats all for now, need to get back to resting with my eyepatch on!!

Raw-k on rawbies!


Anonymous said...

Hi Londoner! My friend is in London, wish I could go visit ya, oh that fruit sounds so good. i went raw vegan two weeks and now fasting on h20 I crave juicy fruits. I want to be all fruit again.

Banana Island said...

Rest up and keep eating that fruit! :)

Sparkly Blessings!