Saturday, 16 February 2008

Super comfort food pudding

I have had a day of rest, been drinking water all day. Finally I am feeling better!!
Now really fancy a proper comforting meal!!

So here is what I whipped up "Comfort Food Pudding"

2 Banana --super ripe

4-5 Large Strawberry
1-2 cups Sunflower seed milk/yoghurt -- thickened up, lovely

1 Handful raw trailmix--seeds, dates, cacao nibs

Touch more cacao and agave/date puree/another banana for sweetness if wanted

I added carob
Here is the thick sunflower yoghurt, I added 2 cups of this.

All blended up...yum!!
This lovely and so so comforting, I left mine out to get to room temperature, it will take me a good hour or so to eat up!! For a bit of a bite/extra treat you could throw some blueberries on top, some cacao nibs or lumaca-- or sprinkle on more of the trailmix!!

Here are some pics also of some patchoi salad I made in the week, with hemp seeds and garlic!

I am loving eating blended foods right now, so there will be a lot of it featuring!!

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