Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Love..and Snow storms!

Totally feeling the Easter love and good vibes at the moment, its total bliss

Everyone is happy, chilled and relaxed

We had snow here today! lets hope its not as bad as last time..its been so pretty all day! We didn't too much mind sitting in the car in the snow storm-- rang several mates down south to say "Its SNOWWWWING"..yes..simple pleasures!! Not often you see snow at Easter!!

Have had my sister up which has been a pleasure, relaxed and chilled-- she has blessed me with fruits in abundance!! amongst lots of other little gifts, very sweet... what does a raw-bie want for Easter... err new blender..and fruit in ABUNDANCE! That's exactly what I got!

Everytime I go in the kitchen I start grinning or laughing!! There is SO MUCH fruit!-- I got a new crate/tub type thing for my extra fruit..11litre container..should do it for a while!!

I am looking forward to playing with all my new grown up rawbie toys!!

Having my sister up has got me thinking about visualisations

Visualising what YOU want, and MATERIALISING it, manifesting it in YOUR life.

So.. That is exactly what I am going to do!!

Think that will be a separate post!! but, yeah definitely food for thought.

I seem to be mentally/emotionally so much more in tune whilst fasting!!

We hit up the local Juice bar.. SLURP!! big.. recommendations for Norwich locals, its amazing!! .. Got a lovely orange,pineapple,lemon juice with a scoop of acai.. it was a lovely Easter treat to my body!! They also happily will refill my flasks etc if I want to have a treat or use them for work-- the guy said to bring a bucket lol So excellent that you can go and have a little treat whilst fasting!!

Anyways that is all for now, I am off to relax!

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