Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Day 31... Vitamin C overload!

Just a quickie today..

Really am shattered after a long long long day at work!!

Today 31

1 Litre Blueberry,blackberry Juice -- with added pressed Acerola cherry juice-- I also have powder which I will be playing with!



I am now debating some tea!

There is an abundance of fruit in the kitchen but I am NOT interested at all. I just want some warm MC and to watch the apprentice wrapped up in my blanket!

Something comforting about MC drink hot, nice and spicy and comforting..slightly medicinal taste..odd but nice!

My hunger is totally gone, I feel thirsty or I feel empty. Empty usually means I need juice, otherwise I continue on with my water until my stomach indicates otherwise! It isn't the gnawing kind of hunger I experienced at the start..which is nice!

Here is some info I found on...this SUPER cherry!

Acerola Cherry

care of Wikipedia!

[edit] Cultivation and uses
The fruit is edible and widely consumed in the species' native area, and is cultivated elsewhere for its high vitamin C content.
In the
1950s, a manufacturer of baby food decided that apple juice was milder for infants than orange juice. The company claimed that a drop of acerola juice in an 8 oz. can of apple juice provided the amount of vitamin C of an equal amount of orange juice.[citation needed]
Puerto Rico, the acerola is so prized that custom officials exercise considerable precaution to prevent exporting of acerola cuttings.

That's me SOLD!

It also is super yummy, which helps! Shazzie's store sells the powder, natural Vitamin C in food source, what could be better?!

That's all for today folks, will make a big post tomorrow evening.

Right now its so cold ..I need some time wrapped up and resting!

Light and Love

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