Monday, 24 March 2008

Bank holiday.. Bliss.. Day 29..Long long post

Today is for thinking, bliss, relaxation and quiet tidying/organising

I have been sorting my wardrobe and giving items to friends. Been getting my teeth into Detox your World..for the second suggested wardrobe I am working on that.

Completely forgot.. got a lovely bamboo top, my first! For £5 in the sales, a lot of shops here now have bamboo lines and ECO lines, this one was from New Look, they also have organic cotton t-shirts. Its featured in the pictures..lovely and super soft! ECO Fashion!

Spending some time working on business stuff, organising the house and paperwork.This is relaxing-- this is a STRESS free zone.

I spent last night watching Shazzie's videos on youtube, I feel totally energised after listening to her words, just letting it wash over me-- INVEST in your health. Its as simple as that, rather than going to the cinema or.. spending out on a hair dye, or another pair of jeans... invest that into YOU. Superfoods, Super High vibrations, BECOME that Superbeing!!

I have been adding some supplements/superfoods to my feast :

Goji powder --- tasted fine.. pretty neutral tasting especially with berry juice! Nutritional value is the reason I am taking it! Shazzie recommends it for eye health-- Bring on that eye healing!**Ground it myself, got big jar for £1.50 in the sale, as they had put the labels on upside down and couldn't sell them! ha!

Acai powder--Makes me feel incredible, supercharged-- in a non cacao type of way, just high energy. I know some people question if its really raw or not. But after trying, it feels good and not like its lowering my energy in anyway.

Aloe vera --woohoo very soothing..all good!

I am playing around with superfoods/supplements and combinations, to amp up my juice feasting experience but also to get ideas for refining my diet post-feast. This seems to be a good environment to try things, stable-- should be easy to see what differences the superfoods are making.

Have ordered some goodies from Kate Wood's site...but..I shall post about those when they arrive!! I am verrrry EXCITED!

Was pretty funny telling my parents I am now taking the Aloe.. I had an awful time with juvenile arthritis, they wanted me to get the Aloe down me in the hopes it may improve my condition..needless to a 9 year old no way was I drinking that Aloe juice..Now I am like "Gimme that aloe!!"

Oils I don't feel are useful RIGHT NOW, so I have cut those now, they don't do anything for me. I don't normally eat them so maybe this is why I am now drawn to them during this feasting period. The coconut oil just made me hungry, which I never was before-- so cut it for the time being, I may well go and change my mind 10 days down the line!

Juice for Day 29

1.5 litre Water
1 Ayurveda detox tea
700ml Berry juice--- combination, blended and strained
Green powders
Aloe Vera juice
1 spoon cacao into water before workout (speedy, good workout, no come down)
For dinner
Planning to have pineapple juice, already cut it all up. Just got to put it through the juicer! add supplements and drink

Aloe and green powders or spirulina tonight.

So I wanted to talk more about VISUALISATIONS today

Is something Dave and Katrina talked about a lot, but also my sister has been using them and indeed MANIFESTED the blessings 3 months down the line. So here they are, no point keeping them inside, visualise, speak it out, live it, breathe it, manifest it.

Here are the things I am visualising for manifestation the next 6 months

Visualising these things for manifestation in MY LIFE

** A long break in NYC
** A Vita-mix
** Financial abundance and freedom
** 100% healed eyes
** A vibrant, successful RAW Business -- materialising!

Putting them out there in the universe

Super long post so that's all for now folks!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Thanks for reminding me to make more time for manifesting! Also like the idea of getting "overripe fruit" from the stores. I will give that a shot.

Queen B said...

Sending you some healing vibes across the big pond! Love your manifestation list! NYC look out! Peace.

Connie said...

You Go Girl! YOu manifesting SuperBeing You! :) :)