Friday, 7 March 2008

Day 12... Peace..Pampering and ....Party time!

So here we are Day 12, My work/working out schedule etc has been a bit hectic so not had time to blog and juice and train!! Will make time for sure over the weekend!!


1 litre water

1 litre Orange

1 litre Mango/orange/lime

1 litre tea-- detox/mint/senna

Am finding a huge difference in getting the full gallon and not hitting it-- when I am drinking enough I don't feel hungry but it is very hard to do. I find it easy to manager on just water, so pushing myself to have the juice and enough of it is a challenge, but its getting easier and I feel supercharged when I do drink it all up!!

I have the day off today and plan on doing some real relaxing, as well as some work stuff.. body brushing..try the enema bag, lots of tea, juice fresh from the juicer yippee!!

Going to a birthday party later so should be interesting going out without eating/drinking alcohol, but I am up for the challenge! I know if I even try to drink I will end up being violently ill, so I am keeping sober and up for a good time, without the usual excess!!

I am sleeping really well, normally 11-6am and then I am fully alert and ready to go!

Nights where I haven't got enough juice I can barely stay up to 9pm I am falling asleep!

Otherwise I am feeling good, my skin is clear, hair/nails growing like wildfire and feeling pretty energetic most of the time despite my work colleagues constant concerns!!

I keep explaining its feasting, I am having all my calories.

Anyhoo I am off to body brush and go running.. so shall update again soon!

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