Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Day 9.. Hospital air..and Feasting thoughts!

Today has been a strange day, I had 4 hours waiting for my appointment, then had to have various drops put in my eyes. Not what I would be happy with or choose but I had waited so long I agreed to this. This stuff was bright yellow! I dread to think what was in it!

After this my vision was blurred and had such a migraine from all the lights and pressure on my eye I went home to rest.

On waking I felt a little better, my eyes were gunky with whatever this solution is. Hoping my body will clean it out and detox from it by itself over the next few days!!

Drank 1 litre water

1 litre melon/lemon/lime juice

1 large spoon green powder

Not much, not idea, but.. will make an effort to get my full amount again tomorrow! Definitely feel the difference. Although I am not hungry at all.

The thing about the feast is figuring our your priorities. Switching off the PC and TV for a couple of hours--or MORE ........preparing juices, meditating, reading, having a bath or shower/body brushing, lovingly giving yourself an enema -- whatever it is its about looking after yourself and making time for YOUR health and well being.

Will have a cup of senna mixed with my usual bedtime blend tonight, get things moving!!

I have been having Chamomile, Cinnamon and warm water before bed, this really relaxes me, warms me and gets me ready for a good nights sleep!!

One thing I have noticed is I wake up, AWAKE now. Before I woke up tired, clinging onto the duvet, grasping another 10 minutes or so!! I think post feast I will not eat in the evenings, just juice to ensure I still get this amazing rest and alertness in the morning!

Anyway that is all for now!

Side note: i forgot to mention its been hailing and snowing here!! Ha! I got off the bus to the hardest hail I have ever felt! It was mad! If we get anymore freak weather I will go out and take a photo!!

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Melissa said...

Yum! I think I'll go make myself a melon/lemon/lime juice in a bit, thanks for the inspiration.