Friday, 28 March 2008

Day 33..Magical delivery..from Kate Magic!

Day 33


Blueberry, orange, pomegranate and acai




Tonight will drink hot MC...mmm love it!

Now for the exciting bit......

Ooooh I am so first raw delivery is here!!.. the admin girls at my work came down puzzled..something for you..from..err.Germany!..I was as confused as they were..but it Raw Living package!!

I ordered Maca 250g

And 100g of these new Magic powders Kate is offering, they sound awesome. Fabulous you can buy 100g..try them out then commit to the 500g!!

Pre blended powders full of lovely superfoods!I got two of these...

Greener grass Ingredients: hemp protein powder, barleygrass, spirulina, crystal manna, purple corn, he shou wu, kelp powder, chilli flakes, pink salt.

And... Be the Change (yess the superfoods from the awesome chocolate bar)Ingredients: Mesquite, lucuma, cacao, crystal manna, pink salt

If you haven't tried Be the Change chocolate..get your butt to Kate Woods site PRONTO! .. this stuff has high vibrational energy..seriously.. Sending some love to the lovely lot at Raw Living!!

I am trying to supercharge/amp up my juice feast!! They recommended for use in recipes, teas, smoothies or straight off the spoon! Will report back on their performance!! hehe

It came with some cool little postcards.. high vibing stuff..could feel the love!!

Excited now! can you tell!

So glad for the weekend, some rest and some time to juice with love and care..rather than rush rush rush!

That's all for now folks!


HiHoRosie said...

Be the Change sounds divine!

And hey, your snow has made it all the way over here to Seattle, Washington. Don't think it's going to stick but it's coming down like crazy!

kate said...

ah thank u 4 the love ;-)

i have a blog 2 !