Sunday, 30 March 2008

Day 35... Soothing sundays..

Well spring is finally here! I completely forgot the clocks fact it took me until 12..or well realise! ha! Thought it was odd my PC was in spring and my mobile was still on winter time! lol

Its lovely and sunny, nice amber light coming in the curtains..its bliss!I am doing absolutely nothing today..Sundays always are for me about R&R!

Feeling a bit torn right now, I want to be producing and creating beautiful foods..but.. I cant eat or test them out. So just making notes of ideas, or using opportunities to make friends food..either way a chef tastes their food..its hard for me to NOT uncook, I feel so passionate about it. But right now I have to keep writing down my ideas until I have an outlet for them! -- My notepad is filling up fast with notes!

Goodness.... I was browsing blogs..and I found The Raw Dessert!! ooh its an amazing blog..oooo... Drooling.. I have a feeling June is going to be.. raw choccie playtime! Anyway added to my blogroll..get your self over there!

Talking of websites, I was checking out RawReform Store, they have some lovely new bits. The item that caught my attention was Hemp Protein powder with Maca + E3 Live. Sounds amazing, have ordered some.. exciting stuff!

I have had some tea so far today. I am finding it hard to have my juice or generally uninterested. Am happy with my MC or water. Sure this will shift, just trying to listen to my body whilst still getting nutrients in. Will make a green juice later with powders also to amp it up!

I guess what I have found so far is taking solids out of the equation means MORE creativity, but also emotions bubbling up. Its hard to know the right path/opportunity right now..but I know I will find it by the end of this feast.

A friend asked me yesterday how long are you going to continue for? I really don't know, 60 days sounds like a good number, but I think for now, I will continue to take one day at a time,feeling my way through the detox.

I am striving to improve myself, to learn new skills and to get myself out there-- Moving, shaking, Being a Superbeing(as Kate Magic would say)!

Anyway that is all for now..

Going to enjoy the remaining time off work, relaxing and having ZERO stress.



Queen B said...

Glad you are doing so great on your feast! Your juice recipes have totally been inspiring me to break out my juicer even if it is a complete pain to clean... Love to you!

HiHoRosie said...

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday. Those are the best. Good attitude you have about juicing - one day at a time.

Happy spring!