Saturday, 1 March 2008

Juicy fun...and juicer MOULD!.. (NOT so fun!)

So I left my second juicer under storage for a while, now it has some tiny spores of mould, I have washed, scrubbed with toothbrush, vinegar and sat it overnight. Really annoyed was so looking forward to some serious juicing!!.. Am hoping it will be okay after soaking/cleaning.. doing a lot of googling!! If anyone has the answer feel free to leave me a comment!


Anyhoo.. so I went oldschool stylee.. and hand pressed some citrus for tea!

Here we go.. my lovely produce and my blood orange/lime/lemon juice!

The blood oranges taste great!! and I love lemons and limes; I recently read a book that said only 1/2 a lemon, I love them too much for that!! yum!

They are organic and from Italy, taste fab!! A little treat anyway.
Tomorrow the real fun starts!! (juicer permitting!)

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