Saturday, 29 March 2008

Weekend Bloggy action ..Day 34

Enjoying a relaxing weekend

This morning I pottered out and finally the sun was shining, there I was in my coat and scarf!! boiling hot lol Was so nice just to feel the sun on the back of my neck, cant say the last time I remember having that feeling!

Got a couple of glass jars, have found a lovely store that sells are sorts of jars for 99-£1.99 which is super cheap! Big ones..small ones..different shapes..some with fancy patterns. Really cool. So I got some more to arrange my table top larder I am working on.. This consists of three crates(organic banana organic man kept the lovely bright coloured one for me!), each with a different theme 1. Spices/condiments 2. Teas 3. Supplements/Super foods/Seeds +dates.

Basically by the end of the feast I want a spectrum of superfoods/supplements--all in glass jars, easy access, labelled..raw-alicious kitchen!! I watched Health food junkies again online...and was lusting after the mans draw full of mason jars all nicely labelled..and Kate Magic's fabulous pantry of superfoods!! I am working on recreating my own.. Talking of Health food junkies, its on Youtube now if you lovely yanks want to watch it!

Most of the time my friends look amazed if they go in my kitchen.. one friend I mentioned to..Oh I am getting a sack of in 6kg.. she said "Ooh I just get 4 carrots loose for the roast on a Sunday, you actually eat those things?" - Classic!

My local healthfood store had a sale today, I got some seeds and no way am I paying 5 times 8 weeks when I want to make a cake! Either way they will keep till November.. I am all about buying the bargains!

I have had 2 MC drinks today, I am aware I need to have some juice, water,tea tonight. I just really haven't felt hungry or thirsty at all.

I was amazed that the guy behind the counter at the health food store remembered me and asked how my fast was going!! lol.. We got chatting the other day, because..since I started this JF I have literally been a " raw evangelist".. buying some tea or whatever, I just get chatting to people at the store, juice bar, gym.. wherever..I just cant help but share how amazing I feel/everyone can feel!!

Anyway that made me smile that I must of made some impression anyway, crazy or otherwise! lol I have visions of the market holders having conversations.."oh look..the one that buys all the carrots/blood oranges/lemons/kale... watch out mate!"

My local organic man really does know my Cheers bar! lol Talking of that.. I am still thinking about the "juice man" concept instead of a milkman.. I know its a pretty old school idea for England..I dont know anyone that gets milk anymore from a milkman.. but man.. a Juiceman would be incredible...

The thing I am missing most at the moment is uncooking, I keep thinking of the most wonderful ideas.. I am jotting them all down right now and sitting on them! I have asked my mate if he will sample some things..and then take them home with him..if I really HAVE to uncook!I am working on the ultimate Lasagna recipe.. as well as an amazing layered chocolate torte..its all in my will have to wait a while for them to materialise!!

I feel more creative as this feast goes on..I want to things with my hands.. its nice..I feel like super energy is flowing through my veins right now..that's a nice way to feel!

Apart from that I am a bit emotionally shakey right now.. so taking it a bit easy! I feel fine..then I feel awful.. but physically I feel vibrant.. it will pass..emotional detox and all that jazz!

That's all for tonight

I really must get some juice, I have hardly drunk anything all day!

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HiHoRosie said...

Ha ha! We have a place we go to from time to time owned by a man my husband's dubbed the juiceman. Once in awhile it's nice to go there and have someone else making the juice!

And having the labeled jars is really nice at home. Some of our labels are coming off so we need to redo them but they're so handy and much more organized this way. We need to do something like that for our nuts/seeds/grains, etc.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I always enjoy visiting your blog. :)