Sunday, 16 March 2008

Day 21.. Spring Clean and a night in with Channel 4..

Here we are, day 21

I have gotten a lot of sleep this weekend, mainly as my eyes have been varying so it made sense to rest whilst I am able to. I am very pleased its bank holiday here for Easter, so no work Friday and Monday for us-- it really is a huge relief!!

I cleaned the house today and washed, relaxed, did all those things that need doing on a Sunday.

Also went for a run, its cold, windy and rainy-- I just pushed on and got through that pain barrier. I hate hate hate getting wet, so I really did just have to let my mind wander off--somewhere warm and sunny! My head is much clearer on returning!

Today I had
1 Litre apple/kale
1 Litre carrot/ginger/celery/kale
1/2 litre melon --YUM so creamy!

Now sipping some water

The carrot to me is like drinking pure silk, its mad, its creamy... reminds me of drinking warm milk cartons at school as a kid! Which is a very bizarre connection, but I love it anyway--creamy and milky to me right now!!

I am debating whether to juice for work tomorrow right now, I find it easier to drink my water at work, plus I am just mentally exhausted right now!

Water and MC would make life so much simpler tomorrow, so that may be the way to go-- back the organic honey, cayenne and a bag of lemons--DONE!!

I have been watching with interest a programme on Channel 4, Willy's Wonky Chocolate factory-- a man striving to make pure cacao treats, of the highest quality available in the UK as a the finest chocolate to be sold in Selfridges.

Really interesting, although his almond/cacao cake had my salivating last weekend-- Feaster's watch with caution!! ha!

I am looking forward to watching that in a couple of hours!!

Otherwise I am feeling pretty good

Changes :

*** Weight loss -- noticing clothes being looser, down 2 bra sizes YIPEE! HH down to a GG!

*** Clear skin -- Just using Olive oil and nothing else, Mud soap as a treat-- Massaging with Jojoba/Olive/Coconut Oil for body

*** Energy-- energy to run and no 4pm slump which I normally get when eating

*** No digestion problems, my stomach is really calm now, I know what to expect and what juices suit me fine right now. Not needing to take the digestion aid right now!

*** Less detox symptoms; no sore head, well hydrated now and less mucus on waking. Normally I have a running nose for the first 3-4 hours of the day but now I can breathe on waking

*** Waking up ALERT; Waking with no problems, just jumping up and getting on with my daily tasks!

*** Sleep , when I have time to catch up on sleep I do. However I can easily manage on 4 hours of sleep, which I have done a few nights when I had to. However 6-8 hours suits me fine.

That's all for now raw-bies!


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Hey thanks for the blogroll! I love hearing about your transformation. You put off a really positive vibe.

Take care!