Saturday, 8 March 2008

Day 14

Okay so here we are, its not been easy all the way but I think I have got the idea of preparation and day to day temptations now.

1. Preparation

Making time to stock up on veggies -- even if this means going out of your way, walking the long way home or getting up early to check you are MORE than prepared

Taking time to juice for the day ahead. Turning everything off, putting music on loud and focusing on the job in hand, without time limitation or any other concerns but making the most nutrient dense tasty juices!

For me having a decent glass at work has been a big help, as small it sounds. Having a tall glass at work means I can have my pure water or juice whenever without spilling,dripping from my mason. Also makes me feel good to take my glass with me into the staff living room at lunchtime to have my lunch.

2. Not putting yourself in negative environments

For myself

Not out drinking

Not in a smokey environment

Not where food temptations are!

So if this means finding new fun, walking, running--dancing, reading, taking long baths, spending time with a loved one. Then it has to be done!!

I am lucky to work near lots of nice outside grassy areas and tree's, soon as its dry enough I will be going outside for me 30 minute break rather than staying inside whilst everyone reheats last night meals!

You just cant continue to do what you would have done before the feast, this is about transformation!!

For me this has been making time in the evening to have "me time" whatever that is. Even if its just being in silence for an hour, tidying or going for a walk. Reading a new book, whatever is it-- using time in a positive way!

3. Keeping your goals in sight

Keeping your goals in mind

Feeling the good vibrations and knowing where and WHO you WILL become through this process.

Be satisfied in the day and be strong in your convictions.

Dont just TALK about the change, BE THE CHANGE, right now, today!!!

These are the things that stand out most to me right now anyway at this stage.

So far today I have had 1 MC drink, man this is good stuff!!

I made the mistake of having one late last night, I was up for two hours feeling the heat just moving through my body, was so weird, nice, warming but..I was alert and couldn't get my head down. Wont do that again!!

It is so so good though, Dave and Katrina suggest using local raw honey. I did this along with 1 Spanish lemon and a good sprinkle of cayenne!! These lemons I got yesterday are amazing, they are this golden colour, the flesh inside looks like orange, the taste is so intense and almost buttery... amazing!

I have been doing the MC warm as it was suggested on the GJF notes for yesterday, really is nice warm and certainly gets you feeling tingly inside!! Have been so freezing what with the wind, hail, storms etc.. its nice to feel warm inside!!

Anyoo More later, up early, now going to buy more apples, it seems 15 goes in a blink!

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