Saturday, 15 March 2008

Work work work

Been so busy with work, and so exhausted after work I just haven't had time to keep up my blogging, will make an effort this week!

It is a nice outlet to have time to write and take pictures etc.

I have made some modifications the past few days :

Smoothies-- strained seeds
1 green salad-- lettuce/baby greens

This was all because I have had the worst problems with my eyes since January, they were so bad I had to leave work early, I didn't want to have to take painkillers or any other conventional drug. Course having some fibre slowed down the cleansing reaction and they are a bit better now. Having some fibre was better than taking a load of tablets!! Lesser of two evils!

So back to the juicyness today! This is day 20 on my journey - two of those being modified feasting. Still pleased with it and how my body is feeling overall!

I read about sweet potato juice as a treat, so alas I have a few today to try it! Will report back! I have a horrid feeling it will be awful!

My counter is overflowing with veggies so quite pleased to have some chill out time to run!

Anyways that's all for now, more later!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the sweet potatoes; I tried juicing white potatoes once, yuk! Congrats on the 20 days. Sending you good wishes and prayers that the eye problem will resolve itself soon! :)

Much Love!