Saturday, 1 March 2008

Official Global Juice Feast (Day 6)

At last here is the global juice feast!!

I am all ready to jump in!! Yesterday I had 1 litre orange juice along with my normal water and green powder, I kept it simple, I still just wanted water.

Today I am aim to drink a lot more juices, water, green juices as well as going for a run and getting in some extra produce!

I am full of energy, happy, glowing. Vibrant, my kidney infection is clearing up well and I feel amazing right now.

I cant stop telling everyone I meet about how much my life has changed, I was buying tea and told the chappy all about the global juice feast and all the good vibrations, totally awesome chat, look forward to dropping in during my feast and chatting more to the guys at the local health store!!

When your healed nothing can compare to having your health, this time last year I couldn't even go to the store 0.5 miles away without worrying I would need the toilet, my chronic bowel disease was keeping me a prisoner in my home. I was so worried of having accidents constantly.

This morning I went out and just walked around and did my shopping, and it was a total blessing not to have to stop to find a bathroom or carry water and tablets. Raw is TOTAL HEALING. I am so so so pleased that I found raw a year ago! Is just amazing, I am only excited for even more transformation during this juice feast!!

Now ....more prep for the feast!

A gallon is around 4 litres each day, including the green juice and celery heads to be juiced daily.

Okay so here is what I my lovely organic man

Blood oranges -- amazing and 25 p each! Italian, the colour is just amazing!


Pears (local)

Greens -- lovely local flat leaf lettuce

Celery -- again local

Just to top up what I have, I also got some teas

Senna tea (I DON'T need it yet, no problem in that department!)

Ayurveda Detox tea

I now have a crate full of supplies, powders, coconut oil and various teas as well as the most important FULL fruit bowls.

I will photograph my bounty later, I keep opening the kitchen door just to gasp and peek in wonder!

I got a book today, Top 100 Juices

Just for inspiration on combinations, 92 days of fun! I need lots of inspiration, reading and fun!!

I have also put in my order for Angela Stokes guide to feasting, she is my Inspiration and was on of the big impacts in my raw transition, so yeah. She raw-ks! Big thanks to Ms Stokes!

Will post back later with juicy pictures!

Raw-k on guys!

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