Tuesday, 25 March 2008

One of those days..Day 30

So I had one of those days.. woke up.. was sick.. banging head..had to go back to bed. I got myself so worked up last night, stress got the better of me.

Keeping negative aspects-- whether that be people, objects or environments minimal and positive, light giving elements of my life to a maximum need to become a priority!

Once again;This is a STRESS free zone, only attracting love, beauty and vitality. Nothing but Vibrancy!!

Got up in the afternoon, went to get some fruit and bits and rested some more, I wasn't going to resort to painkillers, the pain in my eyes has eased some now. So thankful for that. I stumbled my way to the organic man.. the snow was melting away but it was soo cold my hands were numb time I got there, only 0.5 mile down the road!

Picked up some : Plums, pears, Norfolk Purple sprouting broccoli, Flat lettuce(local again!!), Strawberry punnet(£1!),sweet little tomato, gorgeous lemons-- look at that vibrant colour! Ah man my organic man is so sweet, he said the lettuce was a bit small so I could take it for 50p! What a sweetie!

Gorgeous.. will make something a bit later some juice. Haven't had anything today yet. Just water. Think whatever I am feeling right now is emotional detox.. manifesting itself as physical symptoms. I feel much better now mentally and the headache has passed.

Feeling in a quiet reflective mood today. Trying to relax and get myself ready for tomorrow.

Anyways that's all for now.

Going to spend some time reading and taking a long bath tonight.

Tomorrow is a new day, I am going to fill it with everything that makes me happy!

Light and Love


HiHoRosie said...

Great attitude! That'll help heal ya! Hope you are soon feeling 100% again.

Anonymous said...

Emotional detox is a bitch!!!! BUT, I do not think there is a problem in the Universe that cannot be healed with a long hot bath! :) :)

I wish I could just send my magic carpet to fly you to Florida to enjoy the lovely warm weather we are having. I know when it warms up you will feel better. I would imagine it is easy to feel blue with all the cold. Good job staying positive.

Big Hugs!