Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gemini Antics

Waking up this morning, shattered and with a banging head I got thinking about my personality..and how I seem to repeat the same behaviour again and again... I am such a typical Gemini its insane.

Here is what I found for personality traits :

Geminis are curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing, the Gemini charm guarantees they will be the center of attention in any crowd. Matching their intellect is a well-developed imagination.The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you are dealing with. They sometimes appear fickle, flighty and susceptible to whim. These traits often make it difficult for Geminis to finish much of what they start. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task, which is good since their interests are many and varied.The Gemini Intellect is the key to their being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating. Geminis are not born leaders and will usually defer that position to another. However, their clear thinking and creativity allow them to contribute positively to any project. While Geminis love to talk, they also make for a great audience. Overall, their light spirit and interest in almost everything make them wonderful company.

That is like it was written for me, freaky

I am like two personalities rolled into one, I am a complete exhibitionist, cant stop talking-- constantly changing my mind, indecisive, changing.. but all these things I see as somehow part of me and complete me as a person.

Although sometimes I feel like I cant decide what I am doing from one minute to the next!! -- Sometimes these two sides of me conflict!

Accepting yourself, flaws and all-- or rather all characteristics for WHAT they are, maybe is a big step.

I am constantly looking to better myself, to gain more knowledge and to become a bundle of knowledge!!

Taking SOLIDS out the equation gives you more time look inwards and feel who/what/where you are. That is such a nice place to be, not obsessed with what the rest of the world is doing, just concerned with your requirements AT THIS TIME.

I can see the transformed SELF I can be at the end of this experience, and am satisfied with the steps I am taking right now in this moment.

Being content is something I find so many people around me just cannot do. That has got to get tiring, constantly putting themselves down, sabotaging or just grinding themselves into the ground.

Anyway enough for the philosophical thoughts for now!

Here is my juicy fun for this evening, Music on full blast, dancing about the kitchen, somehow this is like an hour of heaven to me!!

I used a shot of kale in the juices, Carrot/ginger-- then Apple/lemon/ginger

With plenty of kale-- about 300g total


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