Friday, 7 March 2008

Day 12/13

Day 12 Juice intake

1 litre -- Mango(1)/Lime(5)/Orange(5)/Raspberry(1cup) Juice

1 litre Water

Nowhere near enough juice however I was resting at home with not much need for the calories.

Day 13 Juice intake

1 litre Water

1 litre Apple/pear/celery -- 1 tablespoon green powder


Still have to drink

1 litre Blood orange/raspberry/Lemon(Spanish unsprayed)

Okay so I learnt a huge lesson of feasting, DO NOT drink, even 1 drink!

I went thinking I would have 1 drink and then have water for the rest of the night. In actual fact I had 6 martinis, was still stone cold sober but was wide awake half the night my stomach just feeling odd. This morning I was so dehydrated. It was NOT worth it, but lesson learnt!!

In future I will go out, have a good time, dance, play, wear flat shoes and take my bottle of water!!

So I went shopping this morning to top up on fruits, it seems it takes a whole lot of apples to get enough juice

I got

10 Blood oranges

1kg Apples (I already had some at home)

5 organic lemons

Extra Olive oil Soap

This was £5 so pretty good I think!! Topped me up and basically will do me for "dinner" and in the morning.

I have been watching David and Katrina's daily video's they are so uplifting, I take time when I get home to get changed into some loose cotton clothing, walk around, put the video on and listen, let it resonate, feel the change, feel the words washing over me. Really make 20-40 minutes a day to listen and just ..well.. Be the future you, be you on day 92. But live in this day.

Truly awesome stuff.

I was thinking today about cleaning my body on the outside, normally I just use water and olive oil bar. However I got a few bits today to try out.

Locally made, Norfolk, Detox bath soak -- Local, all organic, small hand-made product

Mud soap

Olive oil soap

Orange oil/Hemp soap

A nice big Bodybrush to get to grips with the body brushing everyday!

Its nice on a Sunday to make some pamper time for yourself, drink tea, body brush, shower, do an enema. Rest, run, play -- enjoy the down time!

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