Monday, 10 March 2008

Clean on the inside..and the outside...

Quick checking in for today

Had a lovely time playing with natural soaps, my skin is so so clear right now. Got that raw glow for sure! Tried a Mud soap from Lush and a Olive Oil soap, all handmade and organic! Mmm that was lovely on the face!
The mud soap was mainly for my kiddy instincts..writing in mud on the shower screen..covering myself in mud..and leaving muddy handprints was all far too much fun!

Had a lovely long shower, alternating hot and cold, body brushed. Washed my face with olive oil soap and then put on my own combination of oils-- Olive, jojoba oil -- fabulous!

Also trying out a natural deodorant, TEO another lush product. Fairly cheap, no aluminium etc etc. Smells amazing, lemon and ginger scents!! Have road tested it today, not smelly, no sweat patches, fab!! I did reapply it twice in the day as I LOVE the smell..mmm lemony!


1 litre Lemon water

2 cup Lemon tea

1 litre water

1 Spoon Spirulina

Pretty much water, I felt tired and like all I wanted was water.

Have prepared for tomorrow, mango/lime juice and Grapefruit/blood orange/spinach juice

Also made my mate this lovely juicy concoction, raspberry/mango/lime! zingy!!-- spoon of spirulina for extra high raw buzz!

Hopefully be ready for juice drinking tomorrow, I only had 3 hours sleep so amazed I have had energy to train, clean, prepare juice and do some work this evening. No way could I have gone with so little sleep if I wasn't juice feasting!!

Anyway that's all for today!

Love and Light Raw-bies

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