Sunday, 11 May 2008

Another beautiful sunny day.. dreaming of gadgets...

Another lovely sunny day.. its so blissful when its warm.. everything seems so much better! Chilled out and watched the boxing with a mate last night.. glass of wine..or rather half a bottle of wine for me! Slightly sore head this morning..eek

Got up early and did some housework.. now I can relax properly read and watch foodie programmes all that's what I can relaxation!!

A long standing obsession is Lakeland.. me and my friend pottered in their yesterday to eye up the Tupperware..mason jars and gadgets..hehe.. glad I am not the only one that loves eyeing up new mason jars!! .. Lakeland( )are amazing they have the best gadgets and things for the home you never knew you needed.. of course I had to get the Kitchen, Home and Summer edition catalogue yesterday, so am making my way through this now.

It is my birthday next month so I am earmarking things that I want!! Mainly these three items

Ice cream maker
Dreaming of making Green Tea Ice cream... raspberry and cacao.. mmm.. Banana and goji berry

Zyliss Mandoline

Oooo.. its so beautiful!! Would make awesome looking salads, easy prep for lasagna..and ravioli!! om om!!

Prestige Salad Chef

This is only £9.99 and comes with salad bowl, tea towel and servers!! bargain..I may have to get it this month. Quickly blend up salad dressing without making 1 litre of it!! Magic

Check out their website..they have the most random and wonderful items!! hehe.. must say the "Robot" vacuum cleaner had me chuckling for a while..that's one I thing I actually enjoy! hoovering.. although having a little UFO looking thing zipping around the carpet must be pretty cool.. maybe a tad extravagant!! lol

Guess I mainly want cheffy stuff for my bday.. plus a big sack of cacao.. a few books I am after.. some very "Carrie Bradshaw" shoe boot sandals I spotted yesterday £80!! ..and some clothes .. hehe not much then!! A girl can dream!!

This morning I had a lovely smoothie

Banana mylk with carob, simple

So so filling, I only managed half!

Today I will keep my eating very simple, its just too hot for eating!!

Anyways that's all... back to my cool corner to read!!


HiHoRosie said...

Too hot to be eating?! Are you serious?! Well, things are supposed to be warming up for us here. Fingers crossed.

I love all those gadgets you want - I could use them all too. Mandolins scare me tho' as I keep injuring myself on mine. It's a cheapo one tho (it cost more than it should as it's cheaply made) and the protection guard is useless. I want a good mandolin that won't hurt me.

So you like my new template huh? Yeah, I like it too. It's fun to switch things up. Fortunately, if you do decide to change you can back up your current template before installing a new one. You can also preview your new template before saving. My new one did erase some of my widgets (it warns you first!) but that's okay. I treated it like spring cleaning and reorganized everything. :)

Off to do some work I brought home (lame). Have a good week!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Oh, my birthday is a couple of weeks away. I told my sis I wanted a mango slicer. I want one of those ice cream makers too. I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!
Pixy Lisa

Anonymous said...

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