Saturday, 17 May 2008

Green smoothie Challenge.. ARE you up for the challenge?

Stopping for a moment today to talk about The Green Smoothie Challenge

Doesn't seem to have had enough BIGGING here goes

All you have to do is have a green smoothie, add them to your diet, whether you make changes or not. Get your family drinking them, friends..go for it!! Even fussy kids will drink them with plenty of fruit!!

I am insisting when my friends come over we make smoothies, on trying the lovely mango green smoothie they swoon.. ARE THERE GREENS IN THIS?? You really cant tell!! Must say some friends are more fond of my Banana/maca combination smoothie time this month!!

Victoria Boutenko is the Green smoothie superhero!! Her books are amazing and family an inspiration. Get green and juicy!!

You don't have to go replacing all your meals or anything, you can just enjoy them as well as. Or if you like have a green smoothie day or cleanse, whatever you can do is just AWESOME!!

Valerie Winters did her Green smoothie challenge last year, her blog although closed still is still there, take a peek are some fabulous tips on green smoothies, from cups, transporting to simple recipes!!

Here is my dinner.. a lovely BIG green smoothie..


4-5 Strawberries

400g Pineapple cut up

Probably the same measure of Spinach 400-500g

Spinach is nice and mild..cant taste it at ALL! I used lots and lots! You could pop some honey in or hemp seeds.

I have ordered some Hemp protein with Maca and E3 Live, will be using this once it arrives.

I love making gourmet stuff for sure.. but its time to strip things back a bit!!

Shall leave you guys with some green smoothie vids! Get GREEN rawbies!

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HiHoRosie said..., you really can't taste spinach in smoothies. I love just spinach and oranges. So good and so refreshing. I do feel a little like Popeye after! :)