Sunday, 18 May 2008

Back on the fruity trail...

Sure I love making things.. I love all the making and presentation. Just right now I feel, its Summer time and although you would never know it here in blighty, lots of fresh berries and greens just feel right in this moment.

Am craving berries and melon ..and oddly...hemp will pick some up in the morning!

I feel better 8/1/1 that's why I stick to it during the week, allowing myself some flexibility and creativity of a weekend!

My food for yesterday came out to ratio of 82/10/8

Pretty good, I am not a calorie counter, I eat on instinct.. but I will keep a note for a few days really just out of interest. Nutritional stats etc.

Was interesting after plugging in one of my workout smoothies, total was 823 cals, 14g protein!! awesome!

Anyways more fruit, more green smoothies, and more working out. Period. I feel amazing when I stay this way.... in no means stopping the odd treat or gourmet feast of a weekend. Just stripping things bare!! My workmates may be in for a serious influx of truffles and chocolates lol I feel creative but I don't feel like eating heavy right now!!

I stayed up until 5am this morning, slept until 10, got up cleaned the house and sorted all the laundry for the week. I woke up with a lot of ideas on my mind.. scribbled down as much as I could.

Thinking of organising a raw party in July..however organising it..may be harder than the visualising. Anyway calling on some rawbies on GI2MR for some help/ideas on venues. Cacao Midsummer's Nights Dream Party...

Anyooo today

Done basic weights, arms, legs, ab/core work.

Pretty hard work, pushed sweaty whilst trying to make a smoothie..bad idea lol

Green Post workout Smoothie

2 Frozen Banana's (threw them in for two hours--adds some creamy factor without a nut butter!)
1 Tablespoon Maca
1 Tablespoon Carob
8 Strawberries
3 cup Spinach
Water to blend

Funnily enough Maca isn't on my crunching system lol

So stats omitting the Maca are :

Calories 308

90% Carb

6% Protein

4% Fat

Vitamin A 173%

Vitamin C 106%
Calcium 11%

Iron 21%

Not too shabby!! Made "2 servings" According to my blender, 1.5 of my big glasses!

More to take a well earned shower!!

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HiHoRosie said...

Yeah, I think it's the season because I've been craving salads. Anything light...fruit too. Watermelon juice, fresh organic strawberries, spinach salads. Yummy.

Have a good week darlin! Oh yeah, you're enjoying a 4 day weekend. LUCKY!